The Lonely Island

19 Dec

3 Jizzers with talent xD

Printre cele mai cunoscute videos ale lor sunt :

I Just Had Sex Featuring Akon

Select “480 p or 720/1080 p” to see it in HD !


Boombox Featuring Julian Casablancas

Select “480 p or 720/1080 p” to see it in HD !

Dick In A Box Featuring Justin Timberlake

Cadoul perfect de Craciun !

I’m On A Boat Featuring T-Pain

Direct YouTube Link :

Like A Boss Featuring Seth Rogen

Direct YouTube Link :

Jizz In My Pants

Direct YouTube Link :

I Just Had Sex e cel mai recent video al lor si este un featuring foarte reusit cu Akom,mai au multe videos @ YouTube, daca va place “muzica” lor >>


Din nou intervine Vevo cu restrictii @ Embed deci singurul mod in care puteti viziona ce mai posteaza ei este sa mergeti @ Channels lor de pe YouTube .

Din fericire al doilea link nu e VEVO si deci nu are restrictii @Embed,de unde si “I Just Had Sex” care  a fost postat pe YouTube cam acum 10 ore !

Feel free to leave a comment below !


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